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About Us 

El Bethel Ministries travels under the leadership of Pastor Fenelon & Coraline Walter. Pastor Fenelon Walter is married to Pastor Coraline Walter-Engelhardt. Pastor Fenelon is the predecessor and founder of  Stichting2fortogether. He is also known as the Barber of the South “Charlie” Pastor Fenelon identifies with Zacchaeus over and over and preaches with the cries to Jesus. And that we will and can always trust and build on Jesus. And that the principles in God's word are yes and amen also for our daily life. So research, study and apply. Coraline is a woman with great love for the Word of God. Her great passion is the liturgical dance, where you worship the Lord with mind, heart and soul. In addition to her pastoral ministry, Coraline is responsible for the finances of EL Bethel Ministries.

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The board

The board of EL Bethel Ministries is completely unpaid. At the notary office Vermeul is registered as chairman: mrs. CA Walter-Engelhardt. Mrs. Walter-Engelhardt is the president and co-pastor of EL Bethel Ministries. Together with her husband she takes care of all organizational factors around EL Bethel Ministries and monitors all affairs both physically and spiritually. Ms. RF Rosa serves as the Secretary of EL Bethel Ministries and supports the President and Pastors of EL Bethel Ministries with all overarching duties.
The role of treasurer is held by Mr. SCN Sambre monitoring the financial oversight of  EL Bethel Ministries.

Walter Engelhard
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At the moment, EL Bethel Ministries does not use salaried employees, this also applies to the board. All work is done on a voluntary basis. EL Bethel Ministries is very grateful for these voluntary services.

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